A cruelty free, unisex watch company, conscious by nature yet bringing the experience of
luxury into everyday moments.

MON CHOUX, a term of endearment in French meaning ‘my sweet’, is synonymous with both luxury and longevity, and for you our conscious community to feel that responsibility and opulence every time you wear or gift one of our watches.

// Women’s watches. Men’s watches. Vegan watches

Our ethos is inspired by the simplicity of timeless design with an artisanal sense of European understated style and refinement, MON CHOUX prioritises our collections with an ethical and circular approach.

Our process to design and produce MON CHOUX is slow and deeply considered. We value the notion of humble, signature timepieces, that honour classic styles and are wearable in many forms with our quick release, interchangeable watch straps.

// Quartz watches. Automatic watches.

We design with the intent that our styles will last a lifetime, are not disposable, and don’t become obsolete with the changing of the seasons. We are timeless, with purpose; in each product’s aesthetic so that they transcend trends, but importantly also in manufacturing with integrity so that our products stand the test of time.

// Timeless. Stylish and versatile.

Quality is our utmost priority. We ensure our watches fit and perform with precision and durability. We work with
our carefully selected manufacturers and textile partners to maintain the high quality we expect of ourselves, and you have come to expect of us.


Unable to find a cruelty-free watch option I was personally searching for that was made with quality and epitomised luxury, I embarked on a journey to create a timepiece that reflected my personal values and style.

MON CHOUX The Label was born from that desire to create elegant, well-crafted and considered pieces that stood the test of time and hues that would transcend the seasons.

Designed with an intentional, decisive simplicity; forever inspired by my travels and memories abroad; and importantly, a sustainable yearning to pay homage to the sugarcane plantations synonymous with my childhood in Northern Queensland, Australia.

- Mel

MON CHOUX From the Founder_Mel